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De-clutter – Organise

When you are moving it can be difficult to sort out what you need and what you don’t.   When cleaning out your cupboards you will find things that you have been keeping for some years and had forgotten you had even had.  It can be difficult to dispose of these items sometimes for sentimental reasons, but if you are downsizing and need help we are there for you.

We are born organisers, and we will sort your Cupboards, closets, pantries and linen press. We will also sort children’s rooms and offices.

Our fees are affordable and to offset the costs we could help sell those unwanted items in a Garage sale or on the internet.  You name the price & we do the advertising for you. 

RelocateUs will help you get your life organised which will make you feel more at ease. We will not throw anything out without your consent, but we will help you sort through, organise, dispose of and pack away

Relocate us will co-ordinate your entire move. Every move is different and has individual needs so we when you contact us will organise a plan to suit you. We are discreet and take care of your belongings.

We also offer a service where will will help you prepare your property for sale - make presentable and declutter. - A spacious room is more appealing to a buyer than a cramped and cluttered room.

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